fertilized lawn


At Premium Green, we recognize the needs of lawns in Central Ohio, and have developed a treatment program that will specifically enhance your lawn’s health and appearance. We recommend 5-6 lawn treatments per year, but also will work with our customers based on their expectations. Our 6-treatment program will have us visiting your lawn on a consistent basis, and we believe offers the best results.

Our lawn treatment program will consist of a combination of liquid and dry applications. Many companies advertise and market their service on the assumption that dry applications are better or safer than liquid applications. Actually, the correct answer is that both techniques are important, and have their place in promoting the healthiest and best-looking lawns. While our goal is to provide the best results possible, we will also work with you to address your concerns. We will also provide a program based on the customer’s wishes, including an organic program for your lawn.

Our program is more than the actual treatments we apply to your lawn. Regular visits will come with advice on mowing, watering, and other necessary functions that will have your lawn looking its best. In addition, any program with 4 or more treatments per year will receive unlimited free service calls to address concerns between visits. The most important benefit of our treatment program will be the service and expertise we provide for your lawn.

Early Spring: Fertilizer application which will recover the lawn from winter dormancy, and promote faster green up. This treatment could also include a preventative treatment for crabgrass, based on soil temperatures.

Late Spring: A balanced fertilizer application to promote root and shoot growth, as well as color and vigor, which are important to a lawn’s appearance. This treatment will also include a preventative treatment for crabgrass based on soil temperatures.

Early Summer: A balanced fertilizer application targeted for maximum color and appearance, while continuing to thicken the lawn. This treatment will also address weeds that are actively growing. We do not blanket treat lawns with weed control, and will only treat weeds when present. The best control for weeds is a thick, healthy lawn, which our treatment program will support.

Late Summer: A balanced fertilizer application which will assist with summer stresses to the lawn. Active weeds will also be addressed on this visit. We will also look for potential pest issues to your lawn, including but not limited to grub activity.

Fall: A balanced fertilizer application which will promote recovery from summer stress, as well as build a healthy root system for the coming winter season. This visit will also include weed control for active weeds present in the lawn.

Late Fall/ Early Winter: Fertilizer application, which will feed the root system over the winter season, and promote early green up the following spring.